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Florida Home Insurance Information
way to cover your home, contents, living expense, and even your lawsuit liability. You must
have home insurance to cover your costs.Homes are most Floridians main lifetime
investments. Your home insurance policy is the best

There are many ways to get your home insurance premiums lowered now a days. In the past
recent years all homes 2002 and newer are receiving major wind mitigation discounts
because building codes where enforced that required homes built in that year to be at a
superior roofing construction than the previous years. However if you have had your roof
replaced in this time frame you qualify for the same discounts! These discounts can be
major. In order to receive the discounts you need to speak with a local home inspector and
get a wind mitigation inspection form completed. Once you get this complete you can send it
to your insurance agent. They will send it to the home insurance carrier you have your
insurance with and apply the discounts. This inspection is the best way to save money if your
roof is newer. Secondly, if you have a security system or hurricane shutters you may qualify
for discounts. Lastly, some insurance companies will give you discounts if you are a senior
or live in a gated community. Talk to your Florida home insurance agents about these

Its great to save money on your home insurance but you don't want to be penny wise and
pound foolish. Make sure you have the correct coverages to protect you and your family.
Your home has the following coverages. Dwelling or ( Coverage A ) This is the amount your
home is insured. If you have a loss your dwelling will be reconstructed for this price. Make
sure you have 'replacement cost' rated here. If you don't you may get the depreciated cost
of reconstruction. Also, make sure this amount is enough or not to much. Many homeowners
insurance policies are over insuring the cost to rebuild or over insuring. Talk to us and we
can estimate your reconstruction value for you.

Next coverage is other structures ( Coverage B ) this is coverage for any 'unattached'
structure. The best and most common example would be a fence around your property or a
shed on your property. This is normally 10% of your homes value.

Personal property is a valuable coverage. This is coverage for your contents. An example of
your contents would be your appliances, clothing, furniture, TV's etc. This coverage can be
rated at replacement cost or actual cash value. Replacement cost will pay the value it costs
to replace that item while actual cash value will pay you the depreciated amount of that item.

Loss of Use
If you have a fire in your home it will take at least a couple of  months to occupy your home
again right? Loss of use coverage pays for your expense if you cannot use your home. This
coverage will help with your cost of living expense.

Liability coverage
It is important to have this coverage on your home insurance policy. If you are being sued for
an event that happened on your property this coverage may cover you up to your policy
limits. The average amount of coverage is $300,000. You can increase this coverage if it is a
concern of yours. You can also purchase an umbrella which offers you more coverage.
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